Terms and conditions

Welcome to GoGoods an Online retail shop for buying and selling products.

Bill payer's permission

Users of this website are required to be at least 16 years of age or require bill's payer's permission. customers are also required to provide accurate details upon registering. By registering or shopping with GoGoods, users agree to accept these Terms.
If you do not agree with these Terms and Condition or are unable to comply with the requirements, further use of should be halted. GoGoods is free to amend or update these terms and prior notification will be given beforehand.

Privacy Policy

When you register with GoGoods, you will be asked to submit personal data such as: (E-mail address, First and Last names, Password, Location). By collecting your personal information, it allows our services to function more efficiently.
However data collected are private and stored only for the use of GoGoods. Data collected are not shared with third parties as we are committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. By proceeding to submit your data you agree to the terms presented.

Return Policy

All items purchased through GoGoods may or may not be fully refundable depending on the buyer given that the items are in Good Condition and remains unaltered in its appearance (ie: cuts, stains, different clothing item than purchased ect..).


GoGoods holds no responsibility over Lost or stolen Items. Once items have been purchased and posted, it then out of the seller's hands therefore it is strongly recommended that users submit the correct information when shopping to avoid items being lost on delivery. GoGoods holds the right to remove any users for the misuse of the services through any fraudulent claims/activity which could potentially ruin the the reputation of GoGoods.
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